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All of Garage Brewing Co’s brewing equipment was manufactured in North America. Our production facility utilizes a state-of-the-art, 30 BBL brewhouse while incorporating in-house automated canning, bottling, and kegging.  Additionally, a fully-equipped laboratory and biologist has been integrated into our production process to ensure the highest level of quality assurance and quality control. Our smaller-scale, top-level brewpub in Temecula, CA focuses on producing additional beer styles including specialties and new, experimental styles.


An important, yet often overlooked, ingredient in beer is water. Our reverse osmosis water filtration system ensures our beer uses only the purest water during the brewing process. Water without impurities allows us to effectively replicate the specific styles our beer drinkers know and love on a consistent basis.


At Garage Brewing Co, our commitment to quality is key. Therefore, our brewing system would not be complete without perfecting our beer storage practices. Our beers are stored just steps from where they are brewed and fermented — and where we can continuously monitor the quality and state of each beer. Additionally, we date code every bottle, can, and keg to ensure freshness of beer shipped to our suppliers. We make it a priority to check and rotate our beer stocks on store shelfs to maintain our promise to customers that they are always receiving the freshest and tastiest brew. 

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