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Garage Brewing Co Temporarily Closes Down Brewery Tasting Room

To Our Amazing Fans and Community:

Garage Brewing Co, located in Temecula, CA, has closed as of today, 09/14/2020. With mandates still restricting operations, we have no choice but to close down our tasting room until inside seating and full service is restored in Riverside County.

While this decision may be disheartening, it is important to note that Garage Brewing Co is very much alive and well. Our beer can now be found and bought in most Southern California businesses that sell alcohol. When locating Garage Beer in a store, You may typically find our cans and bottles in both easy to find, room-temperature displays as well as in cold storage, depending on the store. Note: different stores may carry different beers. If you are unable to find your favorite Garage Beers in a store near you, please drop us an email at and we’ll help you find the nearest available store based on your location. So you know that you’re receiving the freshest craft beer, all of our cans and bottles come with a Best By Date printed on. The Best By date indicates the life of the beer in which it is the freshest and highest quality. This Date can be found on the neck of our cans and the lower side of the bottle’s label. Therefore, you should still be able to continue to enjoy all of our products knowing each beer is top quality.

As for now, it is important for us as a company to move forward by adapting to the current times




Garage Brewing Co

Garage Brewing Co Wins Again

San Diego International Beer Competition

Friday October 9, 2020 2020

This year at the San Diego International Beer Competition, we came home with three awards for our delicious craft beer. 

1. American Hefeweizen

    Class: American Wheat Ale

    Place: Silver

2. Barrel Aged White Peach Blonde


    Class: Wood and Barrel Aged Beer

    Place: Silver

3. Belgian Style Tripel: aka Tow Truck

    Class: Belgian - Style Pale Strong Ale

    Place: Bronze

We're excited to have placed and honored to have competed among many amazing breweries. We want to congratulate all other Inland Empire breweries  who placed as well. As always, we want to thank you for all your support and interest in our craft. Cheers! 

Garage Brewing Co. Featured on CA State Fair 2020 Virtual Event

Garage Brewing Co. was featured in the Virtual CA State Fair 2020!!

During this event, we took you on a journey through our brewery! In this tour, you are able to see the many processes that go in to making our top quality craft beer. 

If you missed this event, we've got you covered. You can re-watch our brewery tour and get to know how we make our fresh beer! 

Click to watch our Brewery Tour!

We're Heading In A New Direction 

Here at Garage Brewing Co, our mission is to provide YOU with the best fresh craft beer possible. That being said, we have the pleasure of announcing that we have decided to redevelop the selection of our offerings. Come August 2020, when we expect to be up and running again, we shall be unveiling our All-new Chicken based menu, as well as our exciting lineup of new types of beer, including sours and American Wild Ales.

Our commitment to our craft stems from the support of our fans, YOU. We are proud to be a part of such a great community, and for that, we would like to thank you. We are thrilled to see you all in August and hope that you are as excited about the new direction of Garage Brewing Co as we are.


Garage Brewing Co’s medals continue to accumulate as our Temecula-based craft brewery nabbed five medals at the 2020 1st Annual OC Fair International Commercial Beer Competition. And, besides winning Gold for our Sherry Chocolate Milk Stout, we also won Orange for a beer that utilizes oranges in the best way.


Recently, Garage Brewing won six medals at the Los Angeles International Beer Competition and three at the San Diego International Beer Competition.


Medal winners in OC Fair International Commercial Beer Competition:

  • Gold Medal - Cherry Chocolate Milk Stout

  • Orange Medal - Sweet Orange Wheat

  • Silver Medal - Belgian-Style Tripel

  • Bronze Medal - Mango Hefeweizen

  • Bronze Medal - Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout article about delicious beer from Garage Brewing Co

Check out the latest article on about New and Noteworthy Peanut Butter Beers. Our delicious Peanut Butter and Chocolate Milk Stout made it to the top of the list. 

Another great review for our award-winning Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout from Mashing In


"...With that said, the base is more than happy to embrace its chocolate and peanut butter additions to satisfy any and all peanut butter cup cravings you had going into the experience.  It is truly the best of both worlds as it supplies those dessert-like flavors and aromas while still remaining highly drinkable."




Beer Alien article about Garage Brewing Co

Thanks to Beer Alien for such a great review on our brewery and our newest beer Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout - already a winner at the 2019 CA State Fair Commercial Beer Competition.

"WOW! Where has this brewery been all my life?..." Raymond Melendez, Beer Alien


Come on in and give our food and award-winning craft beer a try if you haven't already.

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