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Garage Brewing Co, a passionate craft brewery in Murrieta, CA, takes pride in giving back to the community through charity and is glad to donate beer to help with fundraising efforts of nonprofit organizations and schools.


To make a donations request please fill out and submit the online request at least 15 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT. As much as we love helping others, it may take up to two weeks just to get back to you. Also, due to budget restrictions, not all donations that follow these guidelines will be approved. And please no same day requests!


Q: Can you donate beer to my organization if we don’t have a 501c3 or 501c6 tax ID #?

A: Unfortunately, no. The state of California requires that all beer donations be made to tax exempt organizations. We also can only donate beer to groups in CA that have pulled a temporary “daily license” (form 221) under the non-profits name from the CA State ABC office. 

Q: Do I need a license to sell donated beer at my event?

A: Yes, the state of California requires that non-profit organizations acquire a 1-day license to sell alcoholic beverages. Organizations must supply cups, ice, table, table cloth, signage and volunteers to pour beer.

Q: Do you provide insurance?

A: No, sorry, we do not provide any insurance. If insurance is required, it’s at hosting events expense. We require a copy of the certificate of liability naming us as the additionally insured.

Q: What do I do with borrowed equipment?

A: You must return immediately after event.

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