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At Garage Brewing Co, it's all about freshness, quality and sustainability. When you enjoy our craft beer from a growler or growlette, it means it came straight from our counter-pressure fillers which include a CO2 evacuation step that increases the shelf life and ensures freshness.


There's nothing that stands between you and a fresh delicious beer. It's so fresh, you will get all the same aromatics,  same great bitterness, deep malts and delicate flavors you'd enjoy by having a beer in our tasting room.


​Growler(ette)s are also sustainable and refillable constructed of high-quality glass with our logo printed on the glass. There's NO wasted packaging, cardboard, glass or aluminum filling up the landfills.


And we sell them at great prices! 32oz Growlettes are just $2.50 plus fills starting at just $6 and 64oz Growlers are just $4 plus fills starting at just $12. We also fill other brewery Growlers so look below for our policy on filling.

FAQ policy on filling growlers:


Everyone who purchases a Growler MUST bring their ID and be over 21. 

Please note: The law requires us to verify that everyone with you is 21 in order to sell you beer that leaves the brewery. Make sure that EVERYONE has their ID (current CA driver's license or military ID), OR we will NOT be able to sell you beer! 


We will fill the following Growlers:

Any clean Garage Brewing Co branded growler, any amber blank growler, and all growlers with other branded labels and logos as long as they are completely covered up and the label is not readily removable.


We will NOT fill the following Growlers:

Growlers that are NOT clean, clear glass growlers, damaged growlers or growlers that do not seal properly. Last call for growler fills is 15 minutes before closing, and we reserve the right to refuse to fill any growler for any reason.


Garage Brewing Growler


Longer Lasting

Most other filling equipment, delivers beer that loses its integrity quickly. In fact, almost the minute it's poured and erodes within 2 - 3 days. Since our counter-pressure growler fillers increase the shelf life with the CO2 evacuation step, our beer never breaks down resulting in a growler that lasts for weeks unopened.

Fresh Craft Beer

We are very passionate about delivering you the freshest craft beer to go. It comes straight from the keg and then filled to be enjoyed with your family and friends 

Superior Taste

We also provide superior tasting beer by purging the oxygen with counter-pressure growler fillers. This CO2 evacuation step  increases the shelf life of the beer compared to direct spigot filling and provides excellent and superior tasting beer.

Sustainable and Reusable

Just buy a Growler once, and it can be used over and over again at Garage Brewing Co.  No wasted packaging!


Please just make sure it's washed so you can enjoy fresh beer without any residual from other beer.

Size Matters

Impress your friends with almost a half gallon (64 ounces) of the freshest craft beer for a great night!


And, if that's too much because you don't want to share, we also have a smaller 32 oz Growlette.

Freshness Capped

Besides keeping your beer safe inside, it gets capped to ensure freshness. Our beer also stays fresher longer due to our special growler fillers.

Fast Foam Free Filling

We have unique growler filling equipment to provide a quicker, foam free, mess-free and a better tasting growler. It all starts with our counter-pressure growler fillers. 

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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