It may not be March, the traditional month to brew Märzens, however, Oktoberfest is upon the land and what better way to celebrate the festive holiday than with a German beer.

Märzen is often referred to as an “Oktoberfest” beer since its release typically pairs up with the celebratory fall festival held in Munich, Germany every year.

Way back when, brewers in Northern Europe were unable to brew good beer beyond March, due to spoilage caused by no refrigeration. Therefore, brewers would ferment the beer in March and cellar it during warmer months before tapping in September and October.

Enter Garage Brewing Co’s rendition on the traditional beer.

Our Märzen was brewed with German malts including Munich 1, Caramunich and Vienna and pours a beautiful dark bronze color.

Coming in at a sessionable 4% ABV, this remarkably drinkable lager has a light mouthfeel with a mild caramel flavor and a roasty toasty finish.

“This beer is darker in color thanks to the malts, but it doesn’t carry a heavy malt flavor,” Garage Brewing Co brewer Bret Stitzman, said. “Because it’s not a high alcohol beer, you can drink more than a couple, and it looks great in mugs!”

Flavor: Slight caramel with a roasty finish

Aroma: Light malt

Balance: Light malt with very low hops

Body: LIght

STYLE: Marzen Amber Lager  |   ABV: 4%


FORMAT: DRAFT  |  22oz LN   |  12oz - 6pk CN


oktoberfest render - bottle.jpeg

Oom Pa Pa Oktoberfest

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